About Us

I'm Kerrie, the girl behind Vellamaes...

A home grown business run by me and my husband Sean from our beautiful home studio workshop in Nottinghamshire.


I'm a designer, developer, entrepreneur, wife and mother!

Being a mum wasn’t all i had expected it to be when had my daughter in 2009, she was born with a rare genetic condition which means that for most of her life, she has been a very poorly girl.

Endless hospital admissions meant getting a ‘proper job’ was almost impossible, as life was pretty unpredictable at times.

In 2014 Vellamaes was born!

Being at home all day with her, watching her daily struggles opened my eyes to how important it is to treasure every single moment, you don’t realise the value of a moment until it becomes a memory, and turning memories into treasures is what we are all about! 

Its who we are, its what we do. 

Fast forward a few years, with the addition of a wild 2 year old, life is pretty hectic around here. 

They spur me on every single day to create a successful, professional, personal, welcoming business whilst maintaining our core family values & traditions.



We Capture...

The special moments in life. We aim to help you to treasure precious memories for years to come. With many shop products that are produced quickly and in large quantities, we wanted to design and create individual, unique products, attention to detail is so important.

We Pride...

Ourselves in trying to provide something that is a little bit different from the norm. We hope our beautifully designed products and gift ideas will help add a little magic to your decor, and make each of your gift giving experiences stand out from all the rest.

We Love...

Weddings! We’re really passionate about providing the perfect products for our brides-to be, to be part of something so important in their life is a real honour.

… but we’re more than just that

We strive to create something for everyone, from our fabulous range of personalised keepsake boxes to our gorgeous home decor collection, whether it be for weddings, birthdays, engagements, christenings or Christmas we have designs to suit all occasions. Our thirst for fresh ideas and enthusiasm is limitless!

We love the industry we are in and love doing what we do. We hope this comes through in our products and the way we deal with our customers & clients.

If you have an idea then get in touch. We can make your ideas a reality!

Love Kerrie x

The Vellamaes team