Wooden Groom Survival Kit Tags


When it comes to weddings, it’s easy to forget that it’s not just the bride who likes a little romance.

Surprise your groom with some small gifts before the big day, and create him a ‘survival kit’ with items he can use on the day , a new watch, socks, his favourite drink perhaps.

We've come up with the perfect finishing touch, why not add these cute wooden tags with an explanation of what each item is for.

Produced from 1.5mm plywood, and laser engraved, much sturdier than typical cardboard types and made to last.

Black ribbon included

Size: 50mm x 30mm

Price is per single tag , choose from the following:

Love Note - To remind you why I love you
Socks - So you don’t get cold feet
Boxers - For my eyes only
Alcohol - To calm those nerves
A Promise - To always love you
Mints - For a fresh first kiss
Watch - So you're not late
Coffee - To wake you up
Sweets - Love is sweet
Deodorant - So you don’t sweat if I’m late
String - we are tying the knot!
Aftershave - To smell as good as you look
Tissues - It’s OK to cry